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Washing, Drying & Folding

Should I separate my laundry and dry cleaning?

Yes, if possible we ask that you separate your Wash & Fold, Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press prior to your pick up.

How do I give you special instructions?

The easiest way to set permanent or one time special instructions on your account is to email our team at Care@BKLAUNDRY.com​.

What temperatures do you use for washing and drying?

We handle your clothes as our own, first we determine their material and colors and set such temperature for washing, that it doesn't fade during the washing cycle.

If there are heavy items like towels or sheets, we set drying on hot. If there are only light clothes like shirts, dresses etc. we set drying on medium.

Can you hang dry my delicates?

Yes! For hang dry items, please ensure they are separated in a bag with instructions inside. We charge an additional fee per piece for this service. Please be aware that clothes subjected to next-day hang dry service might still be damp.

For more information on our hang dry service, please refer to our pricing and Hang Dry service page.

I want my clothes to be washed with my own detergent. How do I do that?

You should put your detergent (not bleach) into our laundry bag, make sure you seal it tight, and leave additional instructions when making an order.

Can you hand wash my clothing?

When it comes to washing delicate fabrics we always recommend dry cleaning, we do not offer hand washing at this time.

I lost one piece of clothing, I think it wasn't returned to me with my laundry.

We follow strict rules to avoid any loss and damage. If you have a missing item, please contact us about your item with description within 48 hrs by emailing us at Orders@BKLaundry.com​ and we will try our best to track it.

We can’t ensure any compensation for missing items unless you send in a count of your laundry and we will match it before processing.

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