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General Questions

Can I use a regular laundry bag or plastic bag?

Yes, you can use any bag that you prefer for your order.

Do I need to separate the laundry and dry cleaning items?

Yes, please do. This ensures that your items will be processed correctly. We strongly advise using a separate bag for each type of service you require (laundry, dry cleaning, laundered, etc).

What type of detergent can I choose?

We guarantee specific brands that you can select on your preferences.

  • Included: Tide, Clorox and Downy.
  • Upgrades: Free and Clear, Downy Scent Booster, Vinegar or OxiClean.

Please note that you can send your own detergent properly close to avoid any spill.

Don't send Clorox liquid we don't accept.

Does BK LAUNDRY pickup from a hotel or concierge desk?

Absolutely! Our service is perfect for the traveler who doesn't have access to a washer and dryer. You simply schedule a pickup​ online and bring your items to the front desk or concierge. Please notify the concierge that BK LAUNDRY​ will be by to pick up the items. To avoid any confusion please ensure you label your bag with your name, hotel & room number.

Please note all hotel pickups and deliveries can only be made from a concierge or front desk.

What if I'm not able to be home during scheduled pick up and drop off windows?

If you have a change in your schedule, contact us immediately with a new pickup and drop off times. If you move your pickup window to later, you must also move your delivery window to later, please let us know ahead of time.

Where do I leave my laundry or dry cleaning?

If you will not be at home:

  • Leave it outside your front door.
  • Leave it on your porch.
  • Leave it with the concierge of your building.

At work or hotel:

  • Leave it at the front desk.
  • Leave it at a designated location at your workplace.

If you are leaving your laundry and/or dry cleaning in a place other than your front door, it will be helpful to specify the location in the ​Special Instructions​ field of the order form or by email us at ​orders@BKLAUNDRY.com​.

Please note that this option should only be used by those who feel their bags will be safe when left unattended.

Can I give you more clothes at the time of drop-off?

Yes! Many of our customers choose to add more clothes for cleaning during each delivery. Please note that your payment method will not be charged until the pickup is complete, allowing us to accurately count the items and determine the required services.

What if I am running late and your driver is on the way?

The best thing to do if you are running late email us at Orders@BKLAUNDRY.com​. Oftentimes we are able to accommodate our customers by having our driver come back at the end of the route. If not, we can cancel or reschedule and there are no penalties. But if you let us know after the driver went to your home there is a $8 re-delivery fee.

Is it possible to have my clothes delivered to an alternate address?

Yes, as long as the alternate address is within our service area. Just email Care@BKLAUNDRY.com​ to let us know what the alternate address is. Please be sure to include any instructions we may need to know to ensure we can complete the delivery.

If you need to make permanent changes to your address, you can update your address in the “profile” section on our “​my account​” page.

I made a mistake with my order, but it's already submitted, what can I do?

Contact us through email at ​Orders@BKLAUNDRY.com​ and explain your problem, we'll make any adjustments on your instructions.

Do you have any extra fees?

Yes. While placing your order, you have the option to select from various additional fees, such as Detergent upgrades, Low heat, Separation Fee, and Hang dry service. For the latest information on these fees, please refer to our prices page.

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