Covid-19 Guidelines.

Covid-19 Guidelines

We want you to understand our process and some of the safety measures we have taken to helps you feel confident in using BK Laundry pick up and delivery service during this stressful time.


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We are following NYC disinfection guidance for business and any developments around the coronavirus outbreak very closely and taking the necessary measures to protect our customers, staff, and their families

During Our Pickup and Delivery Process:

Socially distanced pickups and deliveries – If you will be home at your pickup or delivery and need to interact with your driver for some reason, please be aware that we are instructing our drivers to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and customers to keep everyone safe.

  • For pickups – Our driver will text you when they arrive at your address. They will wait six feet away from your door while you place your bags outside. Once you close your door they will collect your bags.
  • For deliveries – Our driver will notify you of their arrival. They will wait six feet away while you collect your bags. If you are not able to come to the door during their visit, they will collect your bags and you must reschedule your delivery for another, more convenient, time.
  • “No-Contact” Pickup and Delivery – We have "no-contact" pickup and delivery options so we can maximize social distance between our drivers and our customers to keep everyone safe. This option should only be used by those who feel their bags will be safe when left unattended at the delivery location.

How you can help: In addition to keeping a safe distance from our drivers, if you have items with special instructions (e.g., an item to be hang dry or needs a repair), please pre-separate the item in a separate bag and put it at the top inside of your bag. This minimizes our need to find the item within your bag.

Our Staff Safe and Healthy guidelines

We are providing our staff with mask, gloves, and disinfectants to use as they work their shifts. We are also encouraging the staff who may be experiencing concerning symptoms to stay home. Our constant communication with our staff and their safety and health (and yours) is our top priority.

During Our Cleaning Process:

Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • Most importantly, the detergent and heat involved in our normal cleaning processes acts as a powerful disinfectant as we clean your clothes. The CDC Laundry Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control has confirmed that laundry detergent and heat from various stages in our Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold cycles are effective at killing the virus.
  • BK Laundry never mixes customer clothing during our launder process. This was true prior to the COVID-19 outbreak as well. Your clothes never encounters another customer's clothing throughout the Wash & Fold process.
  • Since the laundry detergent we use is effective against the virus, our washing machines are cleaned with each clothing cycle. Absolutely no clothing enters a dryer that has not first been washed, to ensure dryers remain virus-free.
  • Cleaned orders are always kept separate from unserved orders. This helps to protect against cross-contamination as well.
  • Our staff are required to wash their hands prior to the start of their shift, frequently during their shift, and again at the end of their shift.
  • Frequent cleaning of all surfaces within BK Laundry facilities, vans, and at our Cleaning facilities. This includes the racks where orders are stored, and all customer name tags.
  • At all times, our laundromat does not exceed 3 employees on premise, and most of the time we do not exceed 5 people on premise, while always adhering to the 6 feet social distance protocol.

We are in constant communication with our staff as well and are working diligently to ensure the safest process possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to

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