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Covid 19 Safety

Does BK Laundry offer a “NO-Contact” option?

Yes! We have “NO-Contact” pickup and delivery options so we can maximize social distance between our drivers and our customers to keep everyone safe.

This option should only be used by those who feel their bags will be safe when left unattended at the delivery location.

What Safe and Healthy guidelines are you following?

We are providing our staff with masks, gloves, and disinfectants to use as they work their shifts. We are also encouraging the staff who may be experiencing concerning symptoms to stay home. Our constant communication with our staff and their safety and health (and yours) is our top priority.

Also we are following the ​CDC Laundry Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control and ​NYC disinfection guidance for business disinfection-guidance-for-businesses-covid19.pdf (nyc.gov).

During the cleaning process What BK Laundry is doing?

Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • The detergents Included: Tide, Clorox and Downy and heat involved in our normal cleaning processes acts as a powerful disinfectant as we clean your clothes as recommended by CDC.
  • BK Laundry never mixes customer clothing during our launder process. This was true prior to the COVID-19 outbreak as well. Your clothing never comes in contact with another customer’s clothing throughout the Wash & Fold process.
  • Cleaned orders are always kept separate from unserved orders. This helps to protect against cross-contamination as well.

For full details please visit Our Covid-19 Guidelines to​ Learn More.

How could I help?

In addition to keeping a safe distance from our drivers, if you have items with special instructions (e.g., an item to be hung dry or needs a repair), please pre-separate the item in a separate bag and put it at the top inside of your bag. This minimizes our need to find the item within your bag. Please use your masks during any pick up or delivery.

I still have some concerns?

Simply. Just email us at ​Care@BKLaundry.com​ we would help you with any concerns or questions. If you have any special instructions that you want us to follow to ensure your safety be assured we will.

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